Warwickshire Bears

Attitude is everything

Web development and content production for the Midlands premiere wheelchair basketball club.

Competing at the top national level, The Bears offers a community that is far more than simply a basketball team.

Website Design & Build
Video Production

Warwickshire Bears Wheelchair Basketball Club

website design & build
script writing

They want to  inspire and support everyone facing obstacles in life and encourage them to turn them into opportunities, however difficult that may seem. They strongly believe attitude is everything.

We worked with them to develop a script around this message and then translated it into a film. The video shoot took place at their training ground in Warwickshire. We also helped them create a new website to champion their sport. 

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Thank you for producing a brilliant video for us showcasing our sport. The reaction we got when we showed it to the team was brilliant and the reaction to it going live on our Facebook page was out of this world. We have even had the International governing body of our sport the IWBF show support. Cannot thank you enough for the amount of interest we have had from the film.

Tom Masterson 
Founder and Head Coach

web design.

The Bears new website is a digital hub for the club. It features information on upcoming fixtures, latest results, training information and team news. Accessible from any device, the website also provides an easy way for people to find out more about the club, their work in the community and how to get invloved.


When the video launched on Facebook, it received over 6,000 views in the first few days – all of which was organic.

The website and the content marketing had significant recognition. The national governing body of Wheelchair Basket Ball also got involved and showed their support.

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