web development

Gateway Alliance

Creating an advanced event booking system and members portal for leading teacher training company.

Gateway Alliance supports over 250 schools through their professional learning events and teacher training programmes.

web development

Gateway Alliance

Web design & build
Advanced booking engine
Sophisticated subscription model
Deep CRM integration
Marketing strategy

Creative Tweed were employed to develop their eCommerce event website and members portal.

A key driver for the project was to analyse Gateway Alliance’s many offline systems and manual processes to see how these could be transitioned to the new online platform and automated thereby freeing up their time and resources.

Central to this build was the development of an advanced booking engine that allowed head teachers to register themselves, their school and fellow teachers.

Schools are able to purchase multiple subscriptions that provide discounts and free places to events linked to that subscription on the online store.

Any teachers added to the school account can log into the website and the event shop immediately shows them the bespoke pricing for their school and any free places they can take advantage of.

Head teachers can purchase events and assign them to other teachers in their account.

The website needed a strong visual front end to attract new schools to the Alliance and an intuitive membership platform that allowed their customers to manage their events, subscriptions and teachers with ease.

The final step was a deep integration with a CRM system to provide Gateway Alliance with a 360 view of every customer. Every interaction and purchase by schools and teachers is recorded in the CRM providing a powerful tool for event communications and marketing.

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