12 month
content plan

Use this framework to map out an entire year’s worth of strategic content and website pages to help drive more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

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‘so whats all the fuss about?’
we’re glad you asked

Use the exact framework we deploy to map out 12 months worth of strategic content and website pages to help drive more traffic, leads and sales for your business.

Discover the secret method to producing content that stops your prospects in their tracks and demands they pay attention. (No more scrolling past your posts on LinkedIn).

Follow our four step process to create a 12 month marketing strategy for your business in less than an hour.

Boss our expert technique for creating content with purpose that delivers new leads. (no more time wasted on writing articles/creating videos that nobody reads/watches or cares about)

Understand what to write to get your prospects to take action at each stage of the customer journey (no more staring at the blinking cursor on your screen)

Produce evergreen assets so that you create once and the content delivers again and again, long after the publication date.

Uncover the secret to (finally) conquer imposter syndrome.

Make sure everything you do also improves your rank on Google so you get more organic website traffic (these are the top 3% of people in your market who are ready to buy).

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follow the steps in this guide and you'll have 60 pieces of evergreen content in 12 months.

“The whole journey has been about how we can turn people into business paying customers.”

Kate Walker, Diabetes Safety Organisation

“David and Richard’s work is absolute quality and always exceptional.”

Kat Thorne, itslearning

“The reaction we’ve had since it went live has been out of this world!”

Head Coach, Warwickshire Bears

“We can already attribute several large client wins to your website and SEO work.”

Andy Grubb, IFL

Founders note

Content marketing is hard. We know, because it took us years of trial and error to figure out the winning formula for B2B business.

It’s not enough to just create one blog post or video each month. You need a plan to attract prospects, nurture them and turn them into paying customers.

The problem is often knowing where to start – where to focus your efforts so that the content you do produce drives profitable customer action…

And that’s where your 12 month B2B planner comes in

We’ve created a framework to remove the guess work out creating content for your business.

To make sure you produce strategic content that attracts new customers and turns them into paying customers.

This framework will allow you establish yourself as the trusted expert and standout in your market, even if there’s already a lot of noise.

So what are you waiting for… dust off your trumpet!

David Martin
Digital director

Richard Spicer
Creative director