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Discover your website’s untapped potential and (finally) learn whether a search strategy is right for your business.

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Uncover the true size of your market (we’ll show you exactly how many people search for what you sell)

See where your competitor’s traffic and leads come from (and how you can take advantage)

Discover if an investment in SEO is right for your business (it’s not a good fit for everyone and we’ll tell you straight)

More than just traffic, we’ll show you how many enquiries your website should be generating each month (and how much revenue)

Make data-driven SEO strategy decisions with our comprehensive analysis, cutting through the noise to what really works

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For us, traffic is one-half of the successful search equation. You also need systems in place on your website to turn traffic into customers.

That’s why we also run your website through our conversion-focused checklist. This report addition will show you all the quick-wins you can implement right now to significantly increase your website’s conversion rate.

ct website conversion checklist


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A call is essential to tailor the traffic projection report for your unique business. We partly automate the process but also incorporate a manual touch. The call allows us to gather specific details about your business, objectives, and competitors to ensure our traffic forecast is as precise as possible.

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Our report is crafted by analysing your competitors’ keywords and data from your website. We employ various growth models to predict your site’s traffic potential, offering you a solid projection that informs your search strategy effectively.

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Expect a brief call designed to collect vital information for a tailored traffic projection. We’ll discuss your business specifics swiftly, then proceed to analyse the data and provide you with a comprehensive traffic projection and conversion report promptly.

Founders note

Understanding the flow of traffic to your site is like navigating a complex highway system – it’s daunting, and getting it wrong means lost opportunities.

We’ve been there, spending countless hours figuring out the SEO puzzle, only to see traffic trickle in.

That’s why we’ve taken our experiences and distilled them into our traffic projection report – it’s your GPS to online success.

We take the guesswork out of the equation, using real data to guide your strategy.

By providing us with a little insight into your business during a short call, we do the heavy lifting to map out a path to increased traffic and, crucially, more customers. 

Imagine knowing exactly how much traffic your website could be getting and finally being able to make to call on search with confidence.

So, join us on this journey. Let’s drive your business forward together.

David Martin
Digital director

Richard Spicer
Creative director