Recruitment Funnel

Building a marketing & recruitment funnel for Birmingham Samaritans. 

Samaritans provide emotional support to anyone in distress, struggling to cope or at risk of suicide

Video Marketing & Recruitment Funnel


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The organisation is completely dependent on volunteers. As such, it’s important for them to have marketing systems in place that consistently deliver a steady stream of the right type of volunteer applicants.

They approached us to help with a recruitment campaign for their Birmingham center.

Marketing Strategy

The primary target audience for this campaign were people approaching retirement/recently retired. This formed the basis of our creative approach.

Newly retirees have been given the gift of time and will be contemplating what they can do now they don’t have to work.

A shift at the Samaritans is four hours. The creative concept looked to explore this connection.

We took a lighter look at three things you cannot do in four hours, before segueing into the main message of the short ad. 

Some things you can’t do in four hours, however, volunteering just four hours a month with the Samaritans can make a real difference in people’s lives.

This approach created an interesting juxtaposition for the audience giving greater gravitas to the profound end key message.

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Marketing funnel

We used Facebook’s ad platform to strategically target the precise audience. The above videos were used as top of funnel content to grab the audience’s attention and make them aware of the opportunity with the Samaritans.
We then retargeted anyone who watched these videos with a second set of video content designed to move them a step further down the funnel.
All of the stars of the ads were real Samaritan volunteers. The shoot was done over three days. Immediately after the main ads were captured we sat down with each of the volunteers to capture testimonials about why they got involved with the Samaritans and how rewarding it was.

At the bottom of the funnel we produced three final videos, these were direct calls to action, asking the prospect to apply to be a volunteer. The were served to the target audience who had watched both the awareness and consideration videos.

Middle of funnel video testimonial shown to prospects who saw the Woodwork Awareness advert.


The campaign ran for one month and click through rates were well above industry standard. 

The ads reached 32,870 people and over 700 prospective volunteers clicked on the ads to go through to the Samaritans recruitment landing page.

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