Multisite framework

Designing a multisite framework to seamlessly deliver content to global subsidiaries 

Lockdown medical provide clinically proven solutions for soft tissue reconstruction. Their medical technology is widely used by athletes in sports such as rugby, American football and skiing.

Website Design


website design & build

With clients such as Sam Warburton and Bradley Davies, Lockdown has established themselves as leaders in their field. Their flagship product, the LSSS, revolutionised the market drastically reducing the recovery time of shoulder injuries from 6 months to an average of 12 weeks.

After completing our persona workshop, we worked with Lockdown to develop their unique value proposition, refresh their brand identify and design their new website.

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“Speaking to David and Richard from Creative Tweed we got a really good feeling for them, and felt that they got a good feeling for us and what we were trying to achieve with our rebranding”

Andrew Burns
Commercial Manager, LockDown Medical

web design.

Lockdown ship their products globally from their offices in the UK and USA. While there are a many similarities between the UK and US markets, there were some fundamental differences, especially with medical legislation. For this reason, we built LockDown’s on a multisite network. This allows them to create a network of sites on a single WordPress installation.


LockDown had two clear audiences that they needed to communicate with: The medical professional and the patient. Their new website clearly communicates the benefits of their products in visually engaging way. The multisite network allows them to manage two websites with ease while making the small content changes required depending on the local market.

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