How to create a value proposition for your business

Introducing the value proposition. Why it is important and how your business can create one.

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What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

Your UVP is the statement that connects your customer or reader to the product or service you intend to deliver. Some well-known UVPs include:

  • Uber – Get there: Your day belongs to you.
  • Walmart – Save Money. Live Better.
  • Skillshare – Learn a New Skill Each Day
  • Listia – Sell Your Old Stuff. Get New Stuff for Free.

Although many think unique value propositions (UVPs) are catchy slogans and taglines that promote the business or their identity, it is entirely the opposite. A UVP is a way to communicate the value of your product, and its use in the lives of your consumers and users. Think about it this way…A UVP can effectively be termed as the salesperson who works with energy, feeling, and enthusiasm for free.

Why your business needs a UVP

A value proposition helps connect consumers to the product on websites and marketing materials, helping them reach a decision. It is highly important that it’s easily identifiable and communicates the benefits and values of using a product or service.

It is a promise of value to be delivered. It gives your business an opportunity to explain how your offer solves your customers’ problems or improves their situation, how you can deliver specific benefits and what stands you apart from your competitors.

If it is done correctly you will have an incredibly powerful brand message which can be used across all of your marketing communications. A succinct, simple sentence that can be used to instantly let potential customers know what problem you solve and why you are the right fit for them.

How to create a Unique Value Proposition

So how do you go about creating one for your business?

Writing one may require both creativity and market research. A UVP should be easily identifiable with the business model. The following tips can help write one:

  • Understand your buyers and generate a persona aligning with their work, challenges, demographics, and complaints.
  • Draft a 10-30 word line that highlights your product name, what the end user benefit is such as quality, speed, or discount, and what differentiates you. 
  • Don’t use business/industry jargon, use clear words and language.
  • Compare it with your competition and see if it engages a sample audience.
  • Market it correctly. 

Find your ‘write’ mix and make it decisive.

Need help creating your companies value proposition? Creative Tweed’s buyer persona and UVP half-day discovery session is a great place to start. We can work with you and key stake holders to identify the unique identifiers your business has over the competition. This work forms the bedrock for all future marketing communication. Contact us today to find out more.

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