The very exciting Olympic and logo design quiz

Olympic and logo design quiz

Or camping in the Arctic tundra? you could not have failed to notice the recent Olympic activity. As with any Olympics, the the newly unveiled Olympic Games logo draws varied opinion. It serves as the single most recognisable image of the games, a visual celebration of the games personality, spirit and success.

As we love the Olympics and all its logo finery, we thought it would be nice to create an Olympics logo quiz to test your knowledge (and ours…let’s just say we did a little bit of research).

Comprised of 6 questions, our very exciting Olympic and logo design quiz scratches the golden surface of Olympic logo trivia and also provides some interesting ‘pub quiz answers’.

Why not take minute to see how good your Olympic, and more importantly Olympic logo, knowledge is.

The design of any logo, whether it’s the Olympics or the local greengrocer, is an important but sometimes underrated process. A great logo can inspire loyalty, pride and a sense of ownership to company and customer. It is a business/organisations ‘bonnet badge’ – a badge that helps helps to promote both brand essence and recall.

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