TFI Group

TFI Group

A key requirement was how the company would be able to stand on the national financial stage and develop into one of the key providers for fiscal incentives advice in the UK.

To create the TFI identity, a logo was crafted that would represent high quality and financial integrity. Inspiration was drawn from the reverse of the penny coin, showing the portcullis, which has connections with parliament and the tower mint. The logo’s construction was designed to be stable and authoritative – key qualities for an organisation that deals with tax efficiencies. The sophisticated palette was chosen to further enhance the credibility of The Fiscal Incentives Group, using a red and black scheme to further echo its financial focus.



TFI Group Work Sample

After the brand had been established, we began work on creating the company’s website. The site we designed had two key goals; to showcase the TFI Groups brand values, service offering and expertise and present complex subject information in an easy to understand format educating site visitors and ultimately empowering them. The fiscal incentive calculator was a very useful feature created to show users the the cash value of incentives over a period of years.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. The words of Mr da Vinci echoed in our ears as we approached this project. We really enjoyed the challenge of taking the complex world of fiscal tax  incentives and distilling the fantastic TFI Group’s offering, crafting their message and communicating it through their brand and website.

Richard, Creative Director