The Lunar Society

As a creative agency we always look to push boundaries, both agency and client. So when we were approached  by The Lunar Society with the remit to redesign their website, both in look and functionality…we said ‘We’d be lunartics not to!’

As the current site was in need of immediate improvement, our design and digital teams set to work detailing the required functionality and formulated new concepts to fit with the society’s forward thinking ethos.


Web hosting

lunar Society Website designed by Creative Tweed

The new Lunar Society website needed to embrace all that was, and is the lunar society, yet open up the doors of this forward thinking and thought provoking society to the digitally savvy free thinkers of Birmingham and beyond. a major consideration within our brief was that the site needed to manage the society’s range of enlightened and informative lectures and events. Built upon an open-source platform we were able to integrate e-commerce functionality to deliver automated booking for the society’s many functions. A useful calendar was also created to assist in the discovery of events held by the society, thus simplifying the user experience.

As timescales were compressed, we ensured that maximum resource was available to deliver the new site, ensuring that all was ready for the Launch. 


“The Lunar Society website redesign was a great project to be involved in. Showcasing the organisation for its past achievements and future role in the digital age, whilst being associated with well-known names such as Bolton, Dawin and Wedgwood was an ideal project for a creative agency.”

Richard Spicer, Creative Director