BituChem laying coloured asphalt


BituChem offer bespoke solutions for the global highway construction and surfacing industry. When it came to elevating their products and services to compete against top tier suppliers, we were brought in to assist with their rebrand. Through branding exercises we were able to create a new brand narrative, embodied within a new corporate identity that allowed BituChem to stand proud amongst the likes of other premier road surfacing suppliers. The new visual identity encompassed BituChem’s forward thinking, approachable attitude to highway construction and surfacing, imbuing depth and quality to their products and services.


Corporate Identity

As a branding and design agency, our key considerations whilst undertaking their branding development were the nurturing of the current brand and its identity. Preserving existing brand equity was a key requirement whilst delivering a new visual syntax and communicating BituChem’s new brand essence through multiple brand touchpoints including typography, image and colour. The completed branding project encompassed a new visual identity and logo, stationery suite, online marketing material such as email templates, vehicle livery, packaging design and brand uniform application.




To be able to take a brand that shows great potential and really innovative products and provide it with an identity that commensurates that is a fantastic opportunity.  With BituChem we could add real value and ultimately provide a brand identity that gives them the tools to compete at the highest level.


Richard Spicer

Creative Director – Creative Tweed