Birmingham Cathedral

Birmingham Cathedral

To showcase this significant milestone, the Cathedral decided to establish a standalone visual identity that could be used on literature and at events throughout the year. The identity needed to reflect the Cathedral’s heritage and pay tribute to its iconic presence in Birmingham.

There were many themes that we could have used, but one that really stood out, is the Cathedral’s baroque architecture. As the only baroque religious building in the city of Birmingham, it was ideal and can be seen in the design of “2015″. We also wanted to incorporate the stained glass, which is a prominent feature of the Cathedral. The identity needed to have a connection to the city and so we decided to use a typeface that we knew was designed in the Midlands, and we chose Baskerville. As a transitional typeface that was created during the transition from old typography to modern typefaces, we felt it was a great metaphor which recognised the Cathedral’s past and looks to it’s future.



Birmingham Cathedral Work Sample


You have helped us to really take a step up in quality. You have helped us to establish a new and stronger aesthetic identity for the cathedral, based on our own ‘treasures’ and raise our own sense of pride, in the process!

Catherine Ogle, Dean of Birmingham