Benussi & Co

Benussi & Co specialise in all aspects of Family Law, both in the UK and internationally. We have been working with key stakeholders for the past two years providing advertising, design and marketing services.

More recently, we have been working with the team at Benussi & Co to develop their brand and website. The firm were experiencing large volumes of unqualified enquiries. In order to drive more targeted business leads we needed to elevate the brands worth creating a more sophisticated and prestigious identity.



In order to elevate the brand, there were several important areas we needed to consider including use of imagery, colour, language, content, UI and in particular how all these elements worked together to create the desired user experience.

Strong imagery is important on any website. It is the first thing visitors see when they land on a site and therefore it is very powerful at communicating brand messages. Benussi & Co have strong track record of producing high quality, big impact advertising often with a subtle hint of playfulness and humour, which directly engages their target audience. We incorporated the clever messages and imagery into the website header. We also spent a day at their headquarters capturing high quality images of the office in motion, strong profile images and photos which showcased the essence of the Benussi brand.


The new site designs used a sophisticated colour palette of dark blues, greys and blacks.


Careful consideration was given to the site’s layout and structure. We wanted to declutter pages allowing users to find the information they required in an efficient manner. A grid based layout was used throughout the site, this form allowed us to include supportive content on each page, pull out key messages and break the content down into easy-to-digest chunks.


The site features some fantastic content. Pages such as Instant Problem Solving and Benussi Law TV provide visitors with more of an understanding of some of the issues they may face when their relationship breaks down.


All of these elements worked together to lift the brand and site’s prestige.


Through clever use of typography, imagery and design we created a look and feel which is more in line with the Benussi & Co brand.

Richard, Creative Director