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Without a digital marketing strategy you will miss opportunities and lose business. A clearly defined digital strategy will help keep you focused, ensure that your marketing activities are always aligned with your business goals, and, crucially, that you’re targeting the right people.

In truth there are very few businesses that can’t benefit from at least some degree of digital marketing – even if it is just providing a basic online brochure site telling people what you do and sending out the occasional update to existing customers via an email newsletter.

Whatever your business size, a growing number of your customer are online. The more your customer depends on online channels for its information, research and purchasing needs, the more critical digital marketing becomes to your business.

There are many elements that go into the marketing mix and we can work with your organisation to tailor a strategy that is the perfect fit.

Marketing Agency Birmingham Content Marketing Video
Marketing Agency Birmingham Content Marketing

Smart search marketing

The goal of any business today is to be in front of the right audience when they’re searching for what you sell.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO as its more commonly referred to, is the process we go through to get you in front of your audience at the right time.

Search is a fluid and dynamic environment that changes rapidly. What was relevant last year may no longer be today. Creative Tweed work hard to stay on top of the many elements that go into search marketing. We start with a full audit of your site. This identifies opportunities and areas for improvement. From there, we can work with you to develop a strategy that will ensure you show up where and when you’re supposed to in your customer’s searches.


Get more leads with captivating content

Content marketing is a marketing programme that centres on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience – usually online. The goal of content marketing is to attract new customers.*

It can take many forms but the most common is written content (typically blogs), visual content such as infographics and video, and premium content assets – like online tools, webinars or ebooks.

Aside from providing compelling reasons for audiences to engage with your brand, well produced content is also an essential ingredient for SEO. We can work with you to produce highly targeted content marketing campaigns that can generate you real business leads.


Website copywriting

Blog generation

Video production


Interactive web experiences

Creative Tweed Marketing Agency Birmingham

New customers just a click away

You may have heard the term Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising before. If managed correctly, a PPC advertising campaign can be an extremely efficient tool at driving new business almost instantly.

PPC comes in many forms: paid for search links at the top of Google, online banner ads and adverts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We work with you to identify where your audience spends their time online, producing engaging creative and strategic campaigns.

Online advertising can be extremely well targeted therefore, unlike more traditional advertising formats, there is often little wastage. And because it’s digital we can track everything and provide you with reports detailing which channels and creative messages produced the best results.

We believe every company can benefit from an online advertising strategy and we would love to talk to you about yours.

Precise targeting

Instantly get in front of your customers when they’re looking for your product or service.

Increase the number of targeted business leads.

Make marketing profitable for your business.


Nurturing success

Email marketing has been around for some time and is still an extremely relevant and powerful marketing tool. As your email newsletters, promotions, seasonal updates tend to go out to people who have already connected with your business, you are speaking to an engaged audience. A well thought out email marketing strategy can encourage repeat business from existing customers and push those who are aware of your brand to convert.

We design and build hard working, responsive email marketing campaigns. Starting with design, we create something that will stand out in peoples inboxes setting you apart from the completion and we vigorously test all our code on all major email clients and devices to ensure your message looks great whether viewed on desktop, tablet or smart phone.

A holistic and rigorous approach to email marketing.

Big impact design that gets your email noticed.

Responsive so it looks great on desktop, tablet and phone.

Extensively tested to ensure your campaigns display correctly in all major email clients.

Detailed campaign reporting.

Creative Tweed Email Marketing

To explore how we can help you craft a marketing strategy that can capture and convert customers, please leave your details below and we’ll be in touch very shortly.