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A different approach

We’ve been working in design and marketing for over a decade  and during that time we’ve seen some pretty bad industry practice.

We were tired of clients being confused by industry jargon and held to ransom by poor service, expensive ongoing costs and design and marketing that was not fit for purpose. On top of that, we kept hearing stories where an agency’s relationship with their client would end the moment the project was complete.

We wanted to offer a better way. So in January 2014, we launched Creative Tweed.

Your external marketing department

Creative Tweed was set up with five core principles at at its heart:

  1. Strategy first with beautiful design at the centre
  2. To provide affordable solutions without sacrificing on quality
  3. To demystify the world of design, web and marketing and not bamboozle our clients with jargon
  4. To always focus on results driven marketing
  5. To provide a personalised and tailored service in person

David Martin and Richard Spicer are Creative Tweed’s founding partners. They have been working together delivering successful campaigns in the professional, leisure and hospitality, tourism, education, health, manufacturing, entertainment and third sectors since 2008. 

David Martin

digital director

A highly experienced digital marketer who loves working with SMEs to strategically grow their business. Always exploring creative new ways to engage and delight audiences on the web. 

Richard Spicer

creative director

Exceptionally talented creative director with a passion for design, typography and print. Always ready to challenge clients to ensure they achieve the best design solutions for their business.

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Your complete guide to finding the perfect match.

Planning a new website? Knowing where to start can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ve prepared a handy guide for you that covers everything you need to know when planning your project

  • Get a guideness on cost
  • Realistic timescales
  • And how to find the perfect agency partner
  • Project planning tools